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Hey friends! My name is Olivia, but my friends call me Liv.  I’m a CPA and an enneagram 7 wing 8, which means that I love the thrills of life, and I love to challenge the status quo! I live in a cute, historical town outside of Philadelphia.

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Here's a bit about how Frolic bookkeeping was born!

The Lockdown of 2020 was a turning point for me because it was then that I realized that I wanted to be my own boss. I craved the freedom of being able to set my own hours, work from wherever I wanted, and spend more time doing what I love. I didn’t want to spend my life working 60-90+ hours a week, only being able to take fewer than 2 weeks of vacation a year. (Unlimited PTO is a scam!) That's when I decided that I needed to create something for myself: a business where I could merge my talents and skills in accounting with my passion for helping creative entrepreneurs like you run your businesses more smoothly, and handle your books on the back end so that you can spend your time and talents creating a life that you love. And just like that–Frolic Bookkeeping was born! This business merges my backgrounds in accounting and finance with my passion to help women achieve financial freedom.
 Fun Fact: I have a minor in White-Collar Crime, which is all about following the money. Not that any crime is happening, but following the money trail is what bookkeeping is all about!

When I walked into my first accounting internship, the office was dimly lit, dusty, and smelled like mold and stale cigarette smoke. All the books were done by hand (that’s right, no Excel spreadsheets, just paper, pencils, and erasers!) I wondered how I would ever fit in as an accountant. But then I realized that I had something to offer: I’m energetic, approachable, and efficient. As I worked with clients I realized that most of them didn’t need a CPA (although I am a CPA!), they just needed someone who could handle their books quickly, confidently, and expertly. I also discovered that the clients I enjoyed working with the most were women who were my age–entrepreneurs who were creative and passionate–and who were working hard to build a business based on their creative talent. From that point forward, I started working towards starting a boutique bookkeeping business, and now my vision has become a reality with Frolic Bookkeeping. 

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Bananas Foster

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London... best city ever!

3. Travel Spot:

Gilmore Girls is always my go-to

4. Favorite TV Show:

Healing my body through healthy habits and a holistic lifestyle

2. My passion:

Free People & Madewell

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to own a jersey a2a2 cow!

7. A dream of mine:

I'm a dual citizen of Ireland & the US

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Annapolis, Maryland

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The Sculpt Society

10. Workout of choice:

Buying cookbooks (you can never have too many recipes!)

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Bananas Foster

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Control their money, instead of their money control them.

Celebrate wins -- big and small -- in their business!

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